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Have you heard what’s happening?
Russell Brunson just REVAMPED the entire One Funnel Away Challenge!Register Now for the NEW One Funnel Away ChallengeAs if it wasn’t amazing enough already…
It just got even MORE AMAZING.
See, Russell never settles for anything less than SPECTACULAR.
He OVER-DELIVERS when it comes to anything he creates.
Now he’s creating an updated, TOTALLY NEW One Funnel Away 30 Day Challenge that can get you the business and funnel-building results you’re looking for FASTER.
And that means a Challenge designed to help get you…

  • More Leads
  • ​More Customers
  • ​More Exposure
  • ​More Sales
  • ​More Revenue

So if you’re looking to accelerate your business growth online and get PERSONAL, HANDS-ON training to create your first (or next) online business or funnel…Register Now for the NEW One Funnel Away ChallengeIn a nutshell, there are just 3 simple steps to the Challenge:
Step #1: The StrategyRussell delivers your “Mission” video training inside a secret Facebook Group.You get a new mission every day for 30 Days
Step #2: The TacticsAfter each mission, you’ll get a 1-Page Mission Document with your mission-critical assignment.Complete it to SEE RESULTS and get one step closer to your personal goal
Step #3: Implementation3 Live training sessions a week with our elite coaches and consultants. Ask them questions, pick their brains, get support. They’ll answer EVERYTHING about tech, strategy, funnel building, your offer, your product or service, integration, you name it.
The key is to do what Russell says AND commit to the process. That’s it.
Oh, I almost forgot…
You’ll also get LIVE training, support, and all your questions answered by Russell’s elite OFA Consultants 3 days a week!
I don’t have a crystal ball…
I can’t tell you where you’ll be 30 days from now after taking the Challenge…
But I will ask you this…
Where will your business be 30 days from now if you DON’T accept this mission?
If your honest answer is “probably in the same place”, then I think you know what you need to do…
I’ve already signed up for the new & updated Challenge, and I can’t WAIT!
I’d love for you to join me, so we can go through it together!

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