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17 factors in a Power Resume

Do you know that the chances of getting an interview call will be spoilt if the job is applied with an outdated or rigid Resume?

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Here is what you keep in mind

๐ŸŽ Why an updated Resume

๐ŸŽ What is a power Resume 4

๐ŸŽWhat are the do’s

๐ŸŽ What are the don’t of a Resume

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How to improve the attitude – a composite pointer

How to improve the attitude which will take care of all the weak points in a personality stopping us to grow?

Here is the video I recorded as the part of my weekly orientation call.

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In this article, I have described as to how

๐ŸŽซthe aspirations can be an indicators of the self image

๐ŸŽซThe response pattern can tell the environment one is keeping with

๐ŸŽซ Whether one is admired at workplace due to credibility and resilience?

๐ŸŽซWhether one has an audacious Vision, and

๐ŸŽซIs there a push from within to serve a bigger goal.

This all makes a composite pointer to correct the attitude for 100% result.

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My social media strategy

My reference point as it always has been, is Sidz’s podcats

While the short form reels are effective in Instagram, explaining very much about the short attention span, the long term content defines the engagement. The customer decides the success of the long form content?

Well he does not have the attention span. If he does not watch a youtube video, how come he listens to a long podcast in Apple or in Spotify?

I do not analyse so much, and follow what my mentors say. It doe snot harm to follow them. Not reinventing the wheel, and not getting paralysed in the process is the key.

Investment for long period is a pain, but that is how the bamboo tree sprouts. Once out off the ground, nobody can stop.

I am still confused of the customer behavior. The entrepreneur mindset that needs to manifest the result, needs the discipline at the very basic level. The short form, long form is not a problem. Consistency is not a problem. It is the right kind of audience which has been a problem.

The audience needs value before the decision. There fore the Call to action (CTA) is so important.

In long form content you can get people to lead magnet, FB group, eBook, free webinar

Right frequency Publishing content is posting 2 Youtube Videos per Week, 2 podcast per week, 3-4 story per day ,One reel per day Instagram, Twitter multiple tweets and LindkenIN,

Focus on high value textual post every day..
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13 ways to establish links with results

Understanding of the pain points, which leaves a person

Not being heard

Not able to achieve growth

conflict with boss and team

These need to be understood as pain points to figure out a solution

I help working professionals to attract the attention of senior management to establish credibility and have sustained acceleration.

The realization will bring proficiency in 13 subjects

Achiving the results

Dependability and trustworthiness


Dealing with ambiguity

Choosing chalenging assignments

Designing breakthoughs



Time management


Thinking out of the box

Consistency over these will establish the resilience and credibility with which to influence and achieve credibility.

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I am a homegrown business-person

Recently I have started thinking, why I am doing things so differently?

Why my heart says, I have to retain my style?

Should I take advice?

And even if I take, how much can I change of my conviction?

Is it arrogance?

With all these, my confidence flickered, went down.

In that downward journey, I remained consistent, in trying to climb up,

although, I experienced no inch forward!!!

But stayed in the game.

I experienced shifts, after a significant no-result period.

I found myself clueless, but the idea of giving up never came to my mind.

Today I heard T-Harvekar saying, that, whatever was easy for everybody else, was not his cup of tea.

He is now multi-multi millionaire, because he persisted.

Keep doing what you love; he said. And that is the perfect marketing strategy, as my super mentor, Sidz has podcasted today..

He was speaking about 9 Unpleasant Truths About Scaling A Business.
Pareto’s principle is true for every aspect of life- the 80-20 rule

Here is the podcast ;

9 Unpleasant Truths About Scaling A Business

According to my experience, the more vulnerable and honest I am, the more simple the product becomes.

He says that Competition is for losers. Unwittingly I am shaping myself to the top 4 percent. I am serving first. The numbers for the results will automatically come.

The intention to serve cant be copied.

I thought, how great it would be if that aspect can only be copied!! The world would be a different place of service.

Honestly, I entered this industry to have a fame of giving value of top quality. But aiming for fame will push the value aspect to the negligible corner. Ultimately the person disappears, living no trace.

Value should be focus fame will follow automatically. Strong roots are required in order to service.

In the run for Focus Vs Diversification, the example of Steve Jobs stands out who set up values for APPLE. He was a TRENDSETTER.

Scaling up of a business should have less dependability on human beings and also simplicity of operation.

Systems should be put in place so that scaling up will be easy. Without systems you cant scale and grow. Everything needs to be systematized. SYSTEMS WORK PEOPLE FAIL.
Have full stack system: having detail of 5 pillars in details
Survive the onslaught of competitors and other players and their style by investing in a mentor and system.
At the end, it is not the lack of information; it is about LACK of FOCUS AND lack of IMPLEMENTATION.


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Trait Shift

Good morning again.

Have you noticed any change in a character trait lately?

I did.I dream of being a global influencer, requires to be influential n assertive when it matters.

I had a personality assessment lately.

It outlines that while my natural style is to be invisible mostly, I m assertive and influential whenever it is required.

What did I do different?

The affirmations and the bed time listening exercises did the trick, I suppose.

Letting go easily is another aspect.

I observe, a huge shift.

I have started the exercises to be done twice in a day.

Sudarsan kriya shifted to morning time..


.Eyes closed with thousand thoughts is a significant ritual..without the guilt of having a jumping mind.. watching it now..๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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You cannot buy Trust

I was listening to My Super mentor’s podcast which is as follows:

The subject is about acquiring trust which can not be transferred. One can not buy trust.

You need to earn trust.

He describes the 4 Pillar of Trust :

1st pillar : Authenticity achieved when thoughts, words and action are aligned. There has to be congruence in what one is doing in terms of service to the community.

2nd pillar : One can only teach which one has been acquired through practical knowledge. One can achieve this with a strong reason that defines the context of such exercise.

3rd Pillar : Empathy โ€“ The Coach needs to come from abundance mindset with a focus on care for the people. If one is open in mind and heart , then one can celebrate another person’s success. People who are original and know that what they know can not be replicable, are always happy to assist people to succeed .

4th Pillar : Results โ€“ It has to be followed by results. People get attracted only because they want to have results that is what they intend to buy. And that comes from having a abundance mindset .

Therefore, this is a fourfold thing which creates trust and in an order . If one element of above is missing in the delivery, execution, towards the service, then it becomes hard to earn peopleโ€™s trust .


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3 secrets to Achieve confidence

This Universe helps us greatly when we endeavor to achieve something.

Our desire is a reflection of our uniqueness..and that is the first step towards living the purpose we are born with.

Listen to the video

The second is the consistency that will earn us the credibility.

Nobody can start big, because nobody in the beginning knows where to reach with the efforts,. It is a burning desire for an impossible looking dream we call as VISION.

That is what we can pursue.

And keep consistently on course.knowing more.

What we do, will become unique because we each is a unique personality, born unique.

Once we earn credibility, we can influence.

If we can influence enough, we achieve prominence.At the summit of prominence, we meet people of another level, and the entire journey starts again.

We are evolving species, and it proves.

However,. Each of our journey also becomes different because we come with our own attitude-habit-action-perception.

The same game becomes different because of different rules created by our own value systems That is what we are as human beings….

The only rule to escape complexities is to understand the three secrets of reality check, resilience and reaching beyond…It is really simple,. If you know the ‘why’ about the complexities of life

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Start small and get going

Internal Motivation VS External Motivation as shared by my Super mentor Sidharth Rajsekhar

The moral of the story is that one should have a strong WHY
Struggles are different and everybody is going through it.

But what I do and why I do is very important to me in deciding as to how my life would shape up; along with this struggle that might have come up as an opportunity.

The way I am being treated might be because I am in an inappropriate surrounding from which I need to drive up, and become a person worth of it.

The road I chose for myself has to be with compassion, empathy and comfortable for me in terms my sync with my values. And it can be quite different from anybody else.

I love starting small and remaining consistent with it. The World might be shouting at the mistakes I make, the inappropriateness of my presentation; but someday they will all develop a taste for my style.

I shall wait for it. This is my life. And I will do it in a way I love doing. I will not show anything that is not me. But I shall be careful to appreciate the opinions of others.

My Why is to leave a Legacy; of abundance and appropriateness.

I had some ideas few days back on the subject

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A leader’s vision

This video covers why a leader thinks about manifesting?

There is the client’s perspective also

At granular level everybody is different.

At a dream level, they are all looking for abundance

From the immediate results to the bigger vision where bigger teams can be accomodated.

It is not about competition, but synergy.

Listen here