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Course 1

Workplace Win Blueprint

Basic level —
Finding the USP,
Drafting a workplace victory
Dream outline

Decision making,
Sage power

Leadership Growth Blueprint

5 lessons – 4:11 hours

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Course 2

Leadership Growth Mastery

Mastery level
Mirror Muse,
Sneaky Schedule,
Golden Gambit,

Leadership Growth Mastery

5 lessons – 4:11 hours

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Course 3

Leadership Growth Challenge

Facebook Ad,
Traffic re-targeting,
Landing Page design,
Access to Clickfunnels n SMTP,
Copy Writing

Leadership Growth Challenge

5 lessons – 4:11 hours

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Course 4

One to One Consultation


One to One Consultation

5 lessons – 4:11 hours

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I am Sangeeta Naik

A ‘USP Creator Coach’ who helps mid-career professionals/managers/Team-leads to leverage  the USP to  Stand Out as  by using Resourceful Influence tool.

It is a 90 days discipline.

They will be able to build a trust-based reputation and are ever-ready to take the next leap towards possibility and prosperity.

More About Me

My Vision

To create a cadre of leaders with abilities to trust, recognize & transform colleagues community into super-achievers leading to business growth impacting 1 billion lives.

My Mission

To create an insightful digital coaching system complemented with a collaborative and enterprising community that guides, handholds and uplifts each other.

100% guarantee of satisfaction


Trusted Knowledge


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live sessions


My Dream : story interview at MMC reaching 10,000 membership.

Take the first trip to get to the level of ‘Silver Mentors’ with my entry level course that has so far directly created approximately 2500 leaders, and impacted about 5 lakh people in the Eastern MadhyaPradesh, Chhattishgarh, Meghalaya, Rajasthan, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal.

The fastest orbiting layer is the 4th one where I do group coaching.

That is for instant capacity building, immediate action and achieving result in a week. So it is intended for CEO materials/strategic cadre.

On the shores of the Atlantic

I am blessed to have the system that has taught me to do this.I mentor them with the same system which I learnt to unleash myself.

That was a dream come true on a page of prominence.

My basic is the same as it has been in the beginning, just a tweak here and there.

I love seeing people joyful. I love them helping to reach out to their dreams. I realise that dream everyday.

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