Take back your life

When Silent Roars

My silent speak.

Like the Sambalpuri Ikat…the silently roaring handloom, of Odisha which is world famous !

If you are leader in silence, you are a resourceful influencer..

The tranquility ..the serene positiveness is obvious

as you are looking to extend the helping hand anytime wherever required

You do not prefer noise.

You are the person recognised wholeheartedly by your team which has been served well

And you have created empowerment so that you are not required for the same task another time…another person has taken over and is doing well

You now have time for another sky..

You are never the person repeating what you delivered twice before..

You are the one gone on for a new horizon

Be it a success or a failure..

Newness is the key..

Perfection is secondary

Important is eliminating the fear of the new, the unknown.


Still retain your identity..

That is what Resourceful influencing is..

All love,


Lead with Sangeeta
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