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A “3-step system” which are the backbone of the Performance Optimization techniques to “outline” multiple productive portfolios

Sangeeta Naik is conducting a LIVE webinar for especially for mid-career professionals and upcoming managers sharing her “PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION” secrets. 

These secrets allowed Sangeeta  to discover her passion, overcome her “victimized” feeling at work-place and be RECOGNIZED as an innovator and change-maker.  Today, Sangeeta Naik is a Strategic-partnership  consultant, bringing together key people in several organizations towards meaningful community development interventions; who also LOVES to empower people with knowledge of Performance Optimization

Every Tuesday, Saturday & Sunday 7.00 pm to 8:30 pm (IST)

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In just 90 minutes, you will learn these

3 systems:

  • System #1 – Sangeeta’s 3-step system to draft an ‘identity upgrade’
  • System #2 – Sangeeta’s “turn the tide” system to redefine workplace intimidation and competition as breakthrough opportunities to scale-up. Heeding to intuition ahead of evidence is an ethereal strategy to win confidence.
  • System #3 – Bit-size changes in temperamental traits (behavior, action, perception and attitude) to “capitalize success” with joyful living  & magical manifestations

Every Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday at 7:00 pm (IST)

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Take back your life

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A Unique Niche

This morning a friend sent me a story about somebody who has created a prison-village, to allow prisoners to live with dignity. The intention behind the work is so noble!! It indicates that there is no hatred to criminals; somebody wants to give them their life back.

It sent me thinking. The famous motivational speaker Ms. Lisa Nichols ( in her recent interview is discussing about the ‘father of her son’; who is undergoing imprisonment since her 20 plus year old son was 8 months old.
He has written 4 books already from the prison!!!!

I had some disturbing feeling at first because it challenged my paradigm perhaps. But here is an opportunity-path very less walked, surely.

This also brings the memories of the award winning movie of V.Shantaram – “:Do Akhen Barah Hath”? What about the famous movie “Sholay”? Aren’t the protagonists all dealing with prisoners?

I stumbled upon the story of a prisoner who has been unduly implicated and imprisoned for 6 years. His career is gone. While we can debate about the judicial system and the justice of nature, we can think of giving back his life.

Thinking about a niche. Such a story being sent to me by a friend who observes me through my face-book posts only. I do not yet know, but am I already giving out this impression that I can be a medium who brings out the best, even of prisoners? What a blessing if that is so.

I had posted the link in a bigger group but it was a little out of place so I deleted. Isn’t that a clue again that I am contemplating so much in this group which also is questioning my own sense of responsibility?

Everything brings a greater blessing. May be one of my course will now be designed for that audience also. It has to be… Performance Optimization and Mentoring of Prison Inmates (POMPI course). Wow !!

It brings a bigger responsibility of identifying what was left of life and what has been discovered.The universe is at work in the unfolding, whether pleasant or unpleasant; and that needs to be recognized for the bigger objective.

I wondered if there can be a niche thought around serving the prisoners? Before and after the crime they are human beings; who surely caused difficulty for fellow human beings at some point of time. But that guilt and pain can be turned to something else, possibly.

Row to grow

The Unexpected Connections

I met Sophie Pace in a closed group interaction. I was replying to everybody’s post in the group as it occurred to me at that moment. That is how I am know to her.p.Two days back, she wanted to know how we met, in order to clear her facebook connections. So I commented that we met in that group. 

  • Sophie Pace : Nilima Bandhavgarh Nilima…The first life you remember, perhaps…I recall you as a guard at the entry to the pyramid I was closed in with my Mother…She hand picked you because you were trustworthy and had already lived through so much…She was a real task-master! So, you impressed her!
  • Nilima Bandhavgarh: Sophie Pace What a surprise, Sophie! My respect to your mother 
  • Sophie Pace: Nilima Bandhavgarh I’ll tell Mary you said “Hello!”

For a moment I thought Sophie was getting crazy. Does she remember her past births? Me being there as a guard at some Pyramid in that birth when Sophie with her mother approached me?? If it is true, then I know one of my previous births through Sophie. And that explains my fascination for Pyramids; they tell so much about our ow hidden potential , … and that all understanding about the highest energy are basically the same. 

If Sophie was just expressing whatever came to her mind looking at my sentence is also significant. She expresses the essence that I present to the world now. I was picked up because of the hard work I have bee putting up, as per her. Somebody so choosy as her mother.Her mother is “Mary” in this birth, who is her niece… 

Look at Sophie as her Painting Show is today, her video clip is attached here.The message from the universe to me through Sophie is enormous! This is not the first time when people utter very weird statements about me which sound so very out of the world.When one focuses, the unheard is audible and the unseen is visible.How true! I have allowed myself the shift because of the law of attraction formula that I am practicing now.

The signs from the universe come where your focus is. If you look for signs, those are there. Those come in the phrases your trusted friends are using. You overheard something over the TV. Those are the sure hints which may be we ignore because we do not intend to take action. Else, the guidance is ever-present.

Look for Sophie, as to what she is doing these days. She is arranging her home with her own paintings. She is trying to give herself as abstract an air as possible. On Saturday (June 13th 2020), she is going to host an exhibition. She is as absorbed with her creation as a stranger can be. But the message that was to reach me, whas delivered through her in time.

An Artists Self and Home BEFORE Her Show Happens!

Sophie Pace यांनी वर पोस्ट केले शनिवार, ६ जून, २०२०