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As Zig Ziglar said, “How can you hit a target you don’t even have?

So that is how I started describing Rehana.

She is 22-43 years of age. 

Rehana is fairly simple in her attire but she loves colors.    She observes a lot and listens more.  She often has both sides of the story.

  1. It always establishes her trust on people, and she commands their confidence on his. As a person, she loves short and to the point conversations.
  2.  She often wonders as to why she is pushed to the background and is asked to support rather  than lead
  3. Why is she not acknowledged for her progressive ideas when she offers those, which takes people to realise at least a year?
  • Why she has to constantly look for change, so as to be recognized for her ideas. While it is imperative that she should  really prove her point being stable in an organization and stand her ground.?

Why hasn’t she been given the salary raise she deserves?   Is it lack of negotiating skill in her, or is the universe has a greater goal set for her?

She always does the preparatory work required for a great launch;  but is that what she loves doing endlessly?  Is it not which is keeping her at a supporting position throughout?

Often she has self doubt:  Is she confident enough to lead?   What is keeping her from going all out?

Will she do good with an enterprise that constantly provides income opportunities while learning?

Take back your life

Small ideas fire your Creativity!

Like a  ‘Potato Gun’.


The initial dimes were made thru potato Guns.

And perhaps the barrel  was the most important component in it.

After all, the ‘Funnels’ have to have an anciency🤣🤣

The geometrical proportions decide as to what gets fired.(●’◡’●)

Compositions in the copy.

Look of the Landing page.

An obvious point.

Not so obvious in the beginning.

That small funny incidences are precursors to great unfolding in life.

Getting intrigued by at least one idea a day.

Keeps conflicts at bay.

Documenting the small successes is an effective way to make a milestone.

Take back your life

Point to Ponder

Take back your life

Dream Customer

I have been working on my product and funnel for quite sometime.

Doing little new things👩‍✈️which helps boost the brain.

That is the only formula to remain sorted and efficient.

And also look at new possibilities.

Whether at work🤹‍♀️ or at home.

My friend

Jonathan Ribble

posted something about the dream client.

Do you love your dream client?

That pushed me into thinking.

I need to be focused on the dream client.

Their virtues.

From the virtues emerge the possibilities.

That leads to solutions.

Just that.

This is what I am trying to offer.💆🏼‍♀️💆🏼‍♀️

I am loud thinking. Please feel free to pitch in your suggestions.

Take back your life

Stand out in a Crowd

I have been working on my product and funnel for quite some time  for my dream clients.

The product is a course.

It helps mid career professionals at work🤹‍♀️ and at home.

It helps them to become trendsetters to go-getters.

It helps figuring out  little new things👩‍✈️on daily basis which helps boost the creativity.

And also look at new possibilities.

It can be the Shift Habit of  creation of a to-do-list  just jotting down the tasks to be undertaken on day to day basis.

 Or for that matter,  start using a calendar.

Develop a Learning ATTITUDE.

Alter Perception  to discern the opportunity in an adversity.

Take Action to realise Dreams.

This is all it takes to be on the fast track of everyday success.

 Stand out in a Crowd.

Take back your life

Luck is a click away

I was told I was average.

I believed that for the better part of my life.

Even when I was the topper.

Even when I was leading from the front.

I am out there doing many things right.

Waiting for success to happen.

That again has started to give me low emotions. I might be learning things still.

May be escaping from something.

Avoiding a critical learning.

May be.

But I didn’t stop from the slugging.

The 20 things in my to do  list is regularly ticked.

 Just that I am yet to sign up dream clients in more numbers.

So waiting.

When I saw this message, I saw the hint.

It’s a hint from the Universe.


The ‘average’ can have the volume.

To turn the tide in his favor.

No big deal.


It’s just one click away.

To bring luck my way.

Of course it is.

Take back your life


Is Landing Page a funnel?

They said ‘yes’.

After I was done with my Landing page,  I was worried as to how anybody would know what I am offering with so little information as this?

As it is, I was a nobody. I still am.

Then I consoled myself, that it was just a webinar page, and my dream clients will read this and take a single decision whether to come to my webinar or not.

But then what about all the services that I am offering? Of course I shall pitch them in my webinar, but my clients will know more if I can make that part of the Clients’ read .

So now I discover the real meaning of  a ‘Sales Page’ which we call as a Funnel where one can have multiple CTAs. Traffic +  Sales page (Opt in) +Upsell = Funnel

Take back your life

Learning things faster

I have just started learning about a proper copy!

Coming across lot many types of copy!;

 I am trying to do a sales copy;

Long copy,   that too in a landing page,…

In fact it is a flagship framework.  

I start with some kind of self-assigned homework,

And creating a lot of  confusion for myself.


  • By attempting to do many
  • In the way of trying my hands at duplicating something nice I see
  • And  messing up by mixing up two to three concepts


  • my brain will absorb nothing during the marketing call by my Mentor, if I don’t do all these.

And it is very important for me to be in those calls,  to catch the subtle wisdom being passed on by Mentor

 So right now  I am doing a sales page.

What I have so far done is, trying to put my own story,   and then a brief about my course (then realise  brief of a course is necessary, and also to describe the modules, then the one time offers,  the bonuses,,)… 

And it became very long , which is why I am thinking to disaggregate…     one item one time…     

‘item’ n ‘time’  same letters  with different compositions WOW!!

I want to be confused..     for now,  so that I pick up faster…    

As it is, I always kind of disgust my mentor, with such confusion!!!

His expression says, ‘why the hell she can’t get these simple things’??

Now,  I cant help that, my brain being my brain.

So that one sales page will now be 4 sales page…   or… what?   Besides my first LP, of course.. 

One thing for sure,  I am learning to become a proper  coach with the exercise of writing all these copies…    

I had started with WORD, now I put them into LP..   

My LP looks more impressive than the structure in a WORD document !!

Take back your life

End of the tunnel

It was a great news as my client started his Facebook Ad Campaign.

I text him.   Congratulations on starting the Facebook Ad Campaign!!!!

Most of us, as I understand, actually run a campaign for the community of  Coach, Trainer, Author or a Speaker.

Or Affiliates!

But I had this audience base in mind  who is not yet thinking to Speak or to be an Author?

And S/he not even thinking to learn anything 😕😕

This segment of people is looking to vent out their unusual learning, to start with. 

Which means that they want to succeed ..

But they do not know how to start. 

They are too occupied with dealing with everyday problems.

They know the dream is there which can be achieved with his/her mettle, but it boils down to cribbing.

The worst part is they don’t know if there is a solution.

But something in the description hits them.

They are looking to be part of a group which gives them ‘Exclusivity’.

They shall learn from a source which ensures their ‘Uniqueness’.

They are  in need of the handholding support which they get from a tribe.

How to retarget this segment?

So here is a formula which I have named as the SASH  formula.

  • I write an email  telling them about one of my   Habits which they can identify with, and make a ‘SHIFT’.

They might have a fear about having to upgrade to the digital space.

  • The second email is about an  Attitude  they may Acknowledge.

And they start to look the reason behind what I am trying to help them thinking about.

They are almost tempted to join me to become a better self of themselves.

  • My third email hits me when they were about to start doubting their discovery of a possible change. The Perception that always hold them down; now  shuffles the story differently.
  • The 4th email  describes what I learned and earned. The continuous Action that is behind every Hustle towards the dream success.

And I repeat SASH  an another follow up sequence.!!!

The World is changing fast, and hence the SASH stories.

Take back your life


I was kind of stuck to integrate an employee’s journey towards  entrepreneurship. My LP was sounding hopelessly haywire.

I was wondering.

Does an employee have to fail as an employee to transition to entrepreneurship?

Does a successful employee ever dream to become an entrepreneur? Yes, one comes across so many examples.

If Employees are expected to turn their segment/ team into a Strategic Business Units, what is the difficulty in calling them Entrepreneurs’?

I am obviously confused.

But isn’t here a perception change or a paradigm shift  required?

I saw a new light of hope as I read Russel Brunson’s statement  in his book “The Expert Secrets’.

As most experts soon find, no matter how much personal development you achieve, there will be a point where you can no longer progress. The only way to continue to grow is by helping others become like you.   Yes, true growth and fulfilment comes from your contribution to others.

While I got clarity for myself, I still compromised in my LP for the sake of clarity to a huge lot who still has not deliberate on employee’ism and entrepreneurship.

I will continue transitioning though, till a Jim Edwards genius bites me to find the specific phrases to describe my expertise as well as audience.