The inspiration today came from an article and it led me to think and link the many incidences happened during this the day.

I scrolled through the article in my LinkedIn page.

I got reminded of the message by Mentor Mr.Vivek Mehrotra  about the ‘infinite depth’ each of us has, and find out what can we give to the world.   

He has been vacationing at Shimla.

Looking out from his car, at the tiny houses and settlements which looked tiny from the height of the mountainous crisscross. 

So the next was to have a look into  this topic at fastcompany, which discussed about 5 principles of external self-awareness.

The principles of building Emotional Intelligence and assessment of it as on today has been discussed by Ms. Amy Kan

It has been a second nature for me to get back within since the day I have designed the course on Performance-Optimization.

Can I also talk of  3 principles of Inner contemplation as well, during my face-book live today?    

I  got the link in the read itself  : Tasha Eurich, referenced in her Harvard Business Review article, that only 10-15% of a study sample of 5000 professionals proved to be self aware. 

The contemplation and meditation is a core of  getting within.  Why is it so difficult to get the hang of it?

Ms. Vasudha Rai says it is not easy to be consistent with meditation!!!

According to me,  my take on meditation are the following:

   Observe one subject while doing the meditation

 Shifting, jumping and drfting of the mind will happen. Not to worry, keep getting back to the subject

The worst thing that happened  because of which one is meditating (a pain point) is the best nudge the universe could have given you

 You earn energy out of the 10 minutes stillness

Now coming back to the external awareness:

Mr. Russell Brunson says in the  “Dotcom Secrets” that when the ‘Attractive Character’  shows the imperfect side,   many can relate to it and empathise with it and the fan following increases multi-fold.

So, acknowledge the vulnerability.