Performance Optimization with Astrology

With just three details

Date of birth (DOB)

Place of birth (POB) 

Time of birth(TOB)

Get your life reshaped, beyond Prediction!!!!

Here is how.

Everybody is a uniquely packaged character for playing a specific

role in the unfolding of the drama, called ‘Life’.

By rule, the ‘PACKAGE’  is a mix of favorable and unfavorable


The ‘negative’ is added to make the character stronger

With ‘awareness’, the ‘knowing’ about the ‘SOURCE’.

That is how MOKSHA is attained.

          It is a never ending soap opera, wherein each character is supposed

to play his/her role perfectly Towards the ultimate evolution of the soul.

Astrology hints at our uniqueness!!!   

A long race horse!!

Scorpion was rising at the time of birth, which is ruled by the lord of Energy, Mars!

His energy is enhanced because Mars is in his friend Saturn’s house, along with Saturn.

It is the intensification of wisdom in a detached soul taking round of the

wonderous universe!!!!


Programmed for Complete success

It was a choice to own success or destroy oneself.

The traits of self-criticism, intense concentration and a passionate steer can lead either way, for complete success or utter failure.

The symptoms show when the interpretation of circumstances is negative.

The scorpion that gets provoked with the slightest provocation with unreasoning temper could have resulted in a strong self-destructive streak. 

Everybody has the choice, and variable degree of control to take a decision

The advantage here is the degree of control is 100%!

And the decision was made! 

The once weak mindset has been put in the grave…


Their emotional vitality propels him towards an astonishing in his career,

whatever he pursues!!!!

The POWER propeller 

Intense and powerful, Stubborn, proud and calm

Not settling with just one milestone

Life is of immense possibilities

A compassionate and  loyal friend

Excellence at everything and anything  => very demanding of others

Charm, power, secrecy, and seriousness

Satyameva Jayate

Following the rule of the game religiously is perseverance with ethics.

 When you help someone, you don’t expect something from them.

Your smile has a strong attraction. That is why when you meet someone with your smile, they become your fan. No matter how many ups and downs you face, you just keep living a simple life.

A ‘Sravan Kumar’ in disposition, loyal to parents and rich with parental blessings!!

You have a good spirit of serving others. A truth seeker.

Constructively clear

You are a good counsellor and help people for their problems.

You are filled with tolerance and self-respect.

Be it anything, you just don’t keep it in mind and say it clear.

You do not hold onto things for a long time and welcome new changes in life.

Mercurial traits

The child like Mercury is your ally which  makes you

Lucky like Kuber

You are expected to be very successful financially.

Possibly, like an industrialist.

In all questions of money, you will be more likely to lucky than others.

You will have properties or legacies left to you.

You will be likely to gain money by marriage.

One thing is sure, that you will become a rich person.

Wisdom Wins

Multi-talented and multi- tasker; you are ascribed to the most powerful position!!!

Your way of attaining knowledge is different from others.

A detail planner. Hence, you hardly make any mistake.

Whatever you choose, it will be a success!

This special trait of your character helps you in gaining mastery over more than one subject.

You are good at reasoning.

Your Sun is lord of 10th house (House of profession) and situated in 4th house makes you financially strong, as this position develops in you, the quality of saving money.

The same may give you the knowledge of occult science.  The Saturn posited in Aquarius, in its own sign reaffirms it.

You are a healthy, Yogi, and a less talkative person.

Eloquence is a highlight

You are blessed with the quality of putting thoughts into eloquent words.

Thus, you would do admirably as a salesperson.

Never would you be at a loss for something to say.

This quality would fit you for a teacher also.

Quiet n Quick

Your manner is quiet, as a rule, and this quality gives you the appearance of being strong and determined in the eyes of your fellow-men and women.

You are a quick thinker!

It enables you to get your own way when you want it.

You do not say as much as you think and while you are thinking, you are reasoning.

You are highly sympathetic, which makes you a good friend.

You are loyal.

Unafraid to take chances, you are extremely active individual who stimulates others into action.

A busy person who is always doing something constructively, you rarely misuse energy.

You always have an urge to gather knowledge about new things.

You are a Changemaker.

Your Moon is in Capricorn sign which is a Neutral sign for Moon brings artistic qualities in you.

Your delusional attitude towards your studies is because of your emotional turmoil.

You are a leader than the follower

You don’t like monotony, so ensure variability! 

And change of geography.

May be 139 countries is a good number.

(Intuition sent to Sangeeta for the message conveyed to you ultimately)

Most of your journeys will prove favorable for you.

    Opt Outdoor

You set rather a high value on your leisure.

You already aim to spend as much time as possible in the open air, which is, of course, highly wise of you.

Chose pastimes as walking, rowing, fishing and nature study.

Heading for the moon

You are transitioning the path of the RAREST SOULs.

You will be solid on the Traverse in another 10 years time,  and climb up further on and on.

            You are a great teacher, an impeccable trainer, and an emphatic storyteller already… 

hooks to finger tip pe hote hein

It follows that your judgement is worth having and people will flock to you for advice

You are the ultimate THOUGHT MAGICIAN !!!

You will fare better as your own master!!

Rule the home front by inclusion

In love matters, you are just as vigorous as you are in work and play.

Once you fall in love, you want to be in the company of your intended-one every available minute of the time. You are too wise to neglect your work.

Being the leader and ruler by nature, you will do great by accommodating the spouse’s interest.

Your Efficiency will be more because of this fact, as well.

      You are, or would be a most lovable parent.

You are, or would be, everything that your partner could desire.

Become a nature lover

Watering a peepul tree is Vishnu Seva.

Having a Tulsi plant is healthy.

Transition to  vegetarian meals gradually.

A word of caution!!

You are a sensitive and emotional person.

But at times, you shall have ‘hard knocks; that upset you.

Know that those a are not worth the botheration.   Learn to ignore ‘shit’!

Don’t Stress as a rule!

The world has transitioned thousand-fold since you were a student.

You now know to be calmer in your actions, be more deliberate. 


Take a few minutes longer over walking and eating in your meals.

Never cut down the hours of sleep.

            Avoid working overtime as much as possible.


Strict no-no  for indulging in speculation!!!!!!!!!!!!


Adopt methods of incremental growth.


A throne in waiting

1st house is influenced by Mars and Sun, which is like a throne.

You are to achieve a position higher than indicated by his qualification.

               Will earn great profit through certain new researches.

              Strange it may sound,  you will be a renowned trader (involving gold &silver).  

         OR BITCOIN!!

The Moon proves highly beneficial to ensure a long life and great wealth or riches

Because of Ketu in 7th house, you start building wealth since the age of  24 for the next 40 years continuously.

    You will be lucky with the opposite sex.

Have parents’ blessings for everything.

Hanumanji baki sara Samhal lenge…..

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