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“I asked for Pizza today of a certain flavor”- she told me.

And it was delivered to me in an hour. An extra too because the one that was delivered did not have mushroom which she ordered.”

I get chocolates as soon as I wished. My thoughts travelled in a speed of 10 to the power 100; once upon a time”.

She was ruing about the fact that her prayers are not taking effect lately.”within 16 days I will slim, and shall have jet black hair and also get married, for sure. I dont have time left. I also have to materialize a job” .. She shared and I was listening.

All the time I wished her things beyond logicality, so that she would be happy.

She is, after all, my friend.

I love home cooked food, and loved it which is almost boil food.

I feel filled only with this kind of food.

And it is no torture for me.

Can we not take a decision with food, to stay slim, keep our cool and do not have dependence on the Universe about things which we can manage on our own.

Can we not let go of pizza, for that matter?

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