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A Manager was cracking this joke. “Translated into English, it is called Washington”- he quipped.

 The manager in that team keeps the team energy high with such jokes every now and then.

I just ran an Ad on Resume remodelling. And I forgot to add education level. I started getting phone calls from school drop outs, gadiwala and yesterday a lady who kept on sending her pics in different attires.

I did not understand these behaviours.

Perhaps I did not understand how people think about their Resume. Or their jobs for that matter.

I can train people immediately with their Resume.  That is part of my performance optimization course. 

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In the pandemic many have lost jobs.

Who became jobless? 

  • Those are the ones who were handling a task which could be a side task for a more experienced person, or cane be handled by a much junior person with smaller package.
  • Those  who have had several years of experience, with a variety of skills, but were engaged in routine work; could never bring themselves to innovate to enhance productivity.
  • Those who were consulting
  • Those who had fragile health
  • Those who were frequently on phone to supervise the maid /driver/ mechanic/plumber/errand-boy   or to fix kitty parties

How to get back market relevance? 

It is a wake-up call.

  • There are jobs advertised which are looking for multiple skills
  • These same jobs were looking for only one core expertise a year back.
  • There is a great possibility that you have been exposed to various skills in your career if you have already served for more than 7 years now
  • Those skills need to be aligned to your core expertise
  • More than those skills, your ability to work in a team is more important now: supplementing and complementing
  • The adversity quotient (ability to handle ambiguity and shit) is the topmost quality in change makers and flexible people
  • The emotional quotient/positive intelligence helps one keep the team energy high

That is what Resume Remodelling is all about: presenting the same info in a different format, retaining the relevance and to be in the high energy all the time.

You can decide to orient yourself to be a person with high energy all your life by opting for the course. Right now I am giving away my blueprint for free.

Take a tour of the blueprint by clicking at

Note : A significant part of my experience comes from Bandhavgargh

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