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Abundane Avalanche

My business has been unusual!

but very flourishing. It may not get as much money as I think. But it will create much more impact than my amount can buy.

It is a fact, which takes time to get accepted.

To know a bit more about ‘unusualness’ of life, I was trying to find a book on being unusual, so as to  see the gift in such a happening!

 And I saw one. “The Un-Game”. It is written by Ingrid Martine.

  • As administrators of our own lives, like the youthful hero, Sam Adler, we also need to carry on with our lives with clearness, center, straightforwardness, and elegance as opposed to strolling around in a psychological mist.  Sam figures out how to “unchain his mind” and perceive the barricades obstructing the useful change and staggering achievement.
  • The “adversary” of this profoundly required change can be a usual rival, though; who can be defeated in a methodical manner powered by convictions.  But in the process,  while some feelings actually serve him, many out-dated ideas should be disposed of.
  • Now I take Vishen Lakhiani’s words.  By God, he sounds so much like me.

Isn’t the universe guiding us to remain updated?


  • Random conversation
  • Chance meetings
  • Strange phrases in a book
  • Sudden mention of a name one has in mind
  • A conversation in the next room
  • A letter that lifts a veil

Why do we decide to pay attention?

  • The Universe looks for allies
  • It asks you to think about the lives you are dreaming to touch.
  • What next in the day?
  • How to light up someone’s life today?
  • Operate the life from the premise of serving
  • Emotions that multiply within yourself

Which mysteries getting unveiled?

  • Wow.  The breathless expectations
  • One third of life unpredictable & unpleasant on an average. May be more.
  • Dwell with the law of resonance
  • Set the intention
  • Accept uncertainty
  • Failure is okay. Keep trying.

Why do we decide to pay attention?

  • Stop judging yourself
  • Know yourself
  • Embrace the peculiar ‘U’.
  • Cut down working hours, can you? What else can you do to keep being the person resonating with your dream?
  • Blissipline is joy and work together
  • Immunity to overwhelm
    • Believe stress to be good for you multiple business, and healthier and connected
    • Create positive vibe with everybody. Get done with relationships of love make beliefs
  • Inspiration on-demand
    • Random call, someway
    • Read the book “Big magic”  by Elizabeth Gilbert, a lie turned truth
    • Deal with universe, wait & start talking…
  • Emerging abundance
    • Experience abundance avalanches
    • Read another book “Atomic Habits” by James Clear

End the day with a big grin.

Note : A significant part of my experience comes from Bandhavgargh

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