I have designed a ‘Performance optimization’ course to train employees to deal with self, community and pending dreams to achieve the impossible by engaging in consistent production of valued work.  

Right now, I have a goal to stop migration from the Himalayan State of Uttrakhand in India, and also in raising fund in the form of commission by selling premium Arts of reputed Artists. I shall train, empower and engage the Mission Army to replicate my work.

This task has been designed freshly starting under my independent supervision, I want to create a cadre of 5000 strong in the form of a group of people named “The Mission Army” with optimized performance skills to do transformation work in 139 countries including India. 

We intend to heal the world with our art-works which has been created with an intention of bringing well-being to people around them. We envisage to bring in multiplying effect to the world in every community.

I would like to connect with you and collaborate.

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