Between huge successes, lie huge stories of learning (read “failure”, if u so wish).
So I had one just now. I had to burn my compost bag, because it is rainy season when lot of organisms, n insects take birth, and it was impossible to manage that all of them on my tiny balcony, even if I put the entire stuff in strong plastic bags (have you seen 25 kilo rice bag? I used 2-3 of them, cover of cover n cover).
So I tried setting a flame to it. Half of it turned to ash in no time. 1000 kilo of kitechen waste produce 25 kilos of compost( did u know this? See GK improved, while reading this).
But how would you destroy the eggshells,. I consume 12 eggs in 3 days. Think how many in last 6 months. And the entire thing was 5 kilos already ,. Means 200 kilos of kitchenwaste already in the bag. 6 months me 200 kilo,. One month about 35 kilos,. Per day 1.5 kilo, correctly calculated, isnt it???
So huge mess in the operation-kitchenwastecompost,. Hashtag.
So I used another plastic bag. Why do I keep those rice bag is another story. Will tell later.
Picked up the remainings, and then swept the floor dry, then cleaned with floor cleaner.
A good one and half hours gone. In between there was a zoom call,. With that huge amount of smoke. My dogs were irritated too.
So what do I label this story as, on a glorious day of my life which is today.
Why “glorious”? That again is another story🤣🤣🤣#operationkitchenwastecompost

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