Dear Professional,

My name is Sangeeta Naik and I am a Performance Optimization Mentor.

As a Project Manager and strategic Partnership Consultant I my regular job, I have more than 10 years of experience in promoting livelihoods in 16 states across India. Few of the prominent ones are as follows:

And many more…   ( , (

Currently handling 5 projects of value Rs. 18 Cr, singlehandedly, by creating partnerships, and training local resource persons.  I created systems to optimize performance of the teams, given various skillsets and working styles.  I have impacted lives of at least 1 crore directly and multiple times that number indirectly.   

My partnership with friends from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar and India has helped me to float a South-East Asian company with a business plan of 135 bn USD business plan. This struck me as something which can be passed on to professionals like you so that my vision of impacting 1 billion lives world wide can be fulfilled, while helping your dream will be fulfilled in the process.

I have multiple courses to train people in broad categories as follows :

My observation has been that people get too much entangled with workplace issues as well as restricted vision to be able to have the focus, energy and mindset to contribute meaningfully to make the world a better place than before. 

I am lucky to have many of you as friends, who are highly qualified and are placed at prestigious places.  With little effort, you can indeed make this world a dream place with a just a “khul ja sim sim” nudge.  But something has not yet given you the clarity. Even if you are hugely fulfilled person, I would urge you to explore my hub for more possibility.

I invite you to explore my courses to resolve from a simple service of Resume writing, to designing a game plan to impact 1 billion lives in 139 countries. It all takes a dream and  strategic mindset with the unique USP that one is born with.

I invite you to my discussion calls, happening regularly on  Tuesdays (7 PM), Saturdays (8 PM) and Sundays (12 PM).

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