With a dream to help 1 billion people in 139 countries, I see many tribes as the best way of investing time. I am learning to reach out to people who deal differently; but are invaluable contributors.

I see incidences working out themselves which can contribute towards my goal!


How would I approach opportunity?

People who are my type are as below:


The ones those deal differently who can antagonize me easily are


One might wonder as to why to waste time with these kind of people.

The first reason is there is no time to invest in segregating acquaintances from one type to the other.

The second reason is, any kind can transform to the other kind because of the way we deal with them.


This means that, the best of people can turn to be the worst.

So why not correct the dealing from the beginning?

Of course one does not chose the ‘toxic’ kind from the beginning.

Opportunity knocks at the door in a form which may be unanticipated.

Few books will help you become a better person at handling relationships and people

How to win friends and influence people:  Dell Carnegie

The Go-Giver: Peter B. Kyne

The Ultimate Gift : Jim Stovall

The one book which actually is entitled with an exciting phrase is “Dealing with difficult people” by Penelope Holmes;  which gives hope and brings an opportunity of a niche!!!

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