I was listening to Jim Rohn’s audiobook of ‘Leading an Inspired life’.

He was feeling stuck when he had this incidence.

He narrates that it was too disturbing.

Friends tried consoling him, that it was too little to be bothered so much.

He could not get over it.

The 10$ might have gone to a person who needed it badly.

 I was listening to few other speakers.

It is all about the mindset.

We all are learning to give before we receive.

Was wondering whether we have to let go incidences like this.

Even if it 1000$!!!

I would like to get your attention to the following:

🎗Can you do anything about it?  If yes, do it and wait. Don’t keep brooding.

🎗Why?   Because, whatever you focus on, will get expanded, and there is a chance of money getting lost further.

🎗Many are advising to bless the money that changes hand. Because that is how it does its work to fulfil another person, before returning to you multi-fold.

Whether we follow the above or not, is one’s own choice.

But do we not do the same when

🎁we give offers

🎁we give away for free

🎁we over deliver

🎁we are nurturing audience by resolving their problems.


These are the wealth hacks.  We serve. We never lose.

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