I come across amazing copy writers these days..God bless the globe…Creativity is taking over other malicious distractions….

And I was amazed. If there is an intention to tell a story, a copy gets written.

I have been writing very precise emails which had attracted attention of many, but copy-writing is very different from an email.

However, an Email can be a copy as well. For regular engagement with one’s tribe.

For that matter even the regular posts. The conversation starters, as Rachel says.

So here are my observations..

It is precise, yet elaborate.

It tells things to the point, but remains neutral

It creates curiosity. It educates, but creates a hunger to know more

It remains within its scope, but hints at a lot of possibilities.

The client is already 50% into it. May be 100% based on the experience level..

Just in case one feels that it is too draining an experience to venture into the next copy, do retain your flow to write the next,


So when I was going thru the copy, was wondering what might be in the sequence next..

Note : A significant part of my experience comes from Bandhavgargh

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