Which means that you are waiting till the next Rain for the for this year’s harvest!!!

Half Convinced.

You think you have time to swing in indecisiveness.

My dream was to speak in front of my super mentor but was dread scared.  I have the rare fortune to have a world class super mentor who I have access to.

But I hardly meet him.

Thinking as to what I will tell him. I go super blank in front of my super mentor.

Do you understand what I am trying to convey?

I know you don’t.

That is because I myself hardly did a self talk end to end.

I was never prepared to chase my dream.

Face to face with the Ultimate!

Suddenly one day I realised I didn’t have any time left.

It was then or never.

What did I have to do as I was not prepared?

My habit of half completing the self talk was coming my way.

I start with a subject and escape it half way.


Because I didn’t reach the crux during that time.

I was not able to prepare the context.

Take the plunge!

Do you think anybody can resolve to get out of such habit entirely on one’s own?

Maybe.  But not me.

But the decision I could write down in my journal.

And take a look at it as many times as I can.

And surrender.

I let myself go from the process.

The turnaround happened as I was less fearful from then on.

The Universe takes charge!

I got an opportunity wherein my immediate seniors got to talk to him over an interview.

Exactly the same time, I wished him on his birthday. I do the same every year.

He acknowledged, and then remembered me  in some connection.

That was my chance.

Finally I could muster enough courage to ask help.

He agreed.  And I am now on the roll.

My small miracle took place.  A huge dream unravelled.

Don’t wait for the next sprint!

At least make the decision right now.

Trust.   And you will be shown a way.

Ask.  And the clue to initiate the journey will emerge on its own.

Knock.  The door will be opened.

Take the universe by your side.

Harvest the bounty now.

Note : A significant part of my experience comes from Bandhavgargh

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