Last few days I was seriously thinking about my dream customers.

What do I mean by that?

These are the ones who will help me fulfil my dreams while attaining theirs.


The smart Senior Programmer,  Rehana struggled part of her career when her second child ‘Tina’ was born. For first few months few family members helped.

And when the baby was about a year and half old, there was nobody to look after so Rehana had to carry the child to office.

The office didn’t have a creche. Tina stayed with the caretaker’s family for the entire day.

She didn’t learn beyond mono syllables till she was 3 and half, even when she started going to school.

Rehana had to transfer the child to another school.

Left her job and took assignments.

She also had to keep working because the husband’s income was not adequate.

Both their incomes were barely enough to pay the bills.

Her struggle continued for few more years.

One day she took the most crazy decision of her life.

Then the big break came for her.

Now she repeats the same trick whenever  she has to decide between choices.

She chooses to put herself first.

She did 3 signature projects in the span of the next 5 years to reach to the senior management level, again. 🙌

Another time.  In an equally reputed company this time.

And  she repeats her top performance over and over again.

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🎃So what do you think? 

Is it only the women  who suffer  if they choose to work?

You will be surprised here.


He was one of the colleagues in Rehana’s team, that executed those signature projects.

An important contributor.

🧶But he had ambition beyond these projects.

🧶He had different achievement parameters.

🧶Better package was one of things he was looking for.

🧶He wanted quick promotions, better raise each time.

So Rehana had to let him go.

He was given warm farewell by the top people in the organization.

Nobody however knew that Rehana was the one who wrote the recommendation letter for Irfan.

Time flies.

They remained online friends.

That is how Rehana knew that Irfan had 3 promotions in the next job.

One day, after another 7 years in between, Irfan again approached Rehana for another recommendation letter.

This time to an even better organization.

Right at the time of COVID.

In these 7 years Irfan had several distinguished reporting officers.

Why did he come back to the first Reporting officer of his career, that is Rehana?

Do you want to know?

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If you are curious, let me tell you this.

Irfan has just joined the International Organization.😺😺

With the eloquent recommendation of Rehana.

What is happening to Rehana these days?.🤳🤳

If you think that she should be blessed with many more opportunities, then you are right.

And if you are wondering if Rehana considers herself successful enough, then save this surprise.

Rehana thinks that a lot is still to be done in the world.

And job, and promotions are not just the solutions.

This time, she is in a mission to stand by the entrepreneurs who for the first 4 failures.

Does that sound crazy?

Too big a dream?

Could be.

But if you think that how she wants to achieve that goal,

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By the way,  do you think  you are either ‘Rehana’ or ‘Irfan’ type, then I know what your next query would be.

Since you are a ‘trendsetter’ already, you must be doing something different in life.🎆

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My name is Sangeeta Naik and I am a ‘Performance Optimization Mentor’

with more than 10 years of experience in Project Management and Strategic Partnerships. 

Have worked in 16 states of the country, promoting livelihoods that have been scaled up with strategic partnerships.  With that experience, I have partnered with 5 friends to float a south Asian company with a business plan of 135 bn dollars.

I help mid-career professionals & managers “to grow beyond leadership positions to achieve their dreams with the help of PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION…

Join my webinar to understand the journey of ‘trendsetters’ to become ‘go-getters’.

You will get to relate as to how it takes a continuous relook at the perception, behaviour, attitude, and habit that get reflected in your actions.

You can design your own unique style with tiny shifts here and there to optimize your performance to actualize your potential.

In this webinar you will learn these 3 MOST IMPORTANT STEPS:

1.      Find your USP: Find out why performance optimization is necessary for you, create a vision and mission statement, goal setting, leadership, and find your niche.

2.      Draft a workplace victory: Turn a negative story into a positive one, set a positive intention, learn setting a positive intention, and identifying your ultimate identity.

3.      Outline your dream: Learn what is golden-gambit. Create a mindset document, set a continuous practice, and learn how to get into an enterprising hub.

And, many more bonuses which I will announce in my webinar.

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