😴 As I was watching the afternoon sea waves at Konark in Odisha, India, a boat arrived from the deep sea.

It was a boat with fresh sea catch including locally relished fish varieties that do not look like fish  🐬🐬

However, I was amazed at the force of the sea waves that pushes the heavy boat ashore…  multiples of it, finally helps the boat reach the anchor.

Bay of Bengal gets 80% of the cyclones that happen around the Indian subcontinent devastating the coasts of Eastern India & Bangladesh.

But life does not stop.😺😺

The low lying Bangladesh gets many areas submerged for a month or two when a cyclone storm happens like it was ‘FANI’ in 2019 May.

The Deep can not scare the coast dwellers.  Its part of their life.

Isnt it, life?   All the sorrows and mishaps, are part of life and life still moves on?

I was  there to meet few of the devastated households which are waiting for finance to build a pucca house after more than 1.5 years.   My job is to influence the possible lenders to come in and develop a client base…  

Who can be a prospering community which gives them more than sufficient business 🌭🥓🥞🌯 once they get a roof over their head.

And hence I was standing … on the beach, the Bay of Bengal..  watching life happening..🌴🌴

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