I was kind of stuck to integrate an employee’s journey towards  entrepreneurship. My LP was sounding hopelessly haywire.

I was wondering.

Does an employee have to fail as an employee to transition to entrepreneurship?

Does a successful employee ever dream to become an entrepreneur? Yes, one comes across so many examples.

If Employees are expected to turn their segment/ team into a Strategic Business Units, what is the difficulty in calling them Entrepreneurs’?

I am obviously confused.

But isn’t here a perception change or a paradigm shift  required?

I saw a new light of hope as I read Russel Brunson’s statement  in his book “The Expert Secrets’.

As most experts soon find, no matter how much personal development you achieve, there will be a point where you can no longer progress. The only way to continue to grow is by helping others become like you.   Yes, true growth and fulfilment comes from your contribution to others.

While I got clarity for myself, I still compromised in my LP for the sake of clarity to a huge lot who still has not deliberate on employee’ism and entrepreneurship.

I will continue transitioning though, till a Jim Edwards genius bites me to find the specific phrases to describe my expertise as well as audience.

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