It was a great news as my client started his Facebook Ad Campaign.

I text him.   Congratulations on starting the Facebook Ad Campaign!!!!

Most of us, as I understand, actually run a campaign for the community of  Coach, Trainer, Author or a Speaker.

Or Affiliates!

But I had this audience base in mind  who is not yet thinking to Speak or to be an Author?

And S/he not even thinking to learn anything 😕😕

This segment of people is looking to vent out their unusual learning, to start with. 

Which means that they want to succeed ..

But they do not know how to start. 

They are too occupied with dealing with everyday problems.

They know the dream is there which can be achieved with his/her mettle, but it boils down to cribbing.

The worst part is they don’t know if there is a solution.

But something in the description hits them.

They are looking to be part of a group which gives them ‘Exclusivity’.

They shall learn from a source which ensures their ‘Uniqueness’.

They are  in need of the handholding support which they get from a tribe.

How to retarget this segment?

So here is a formula which I have named as the SASH  formula.

They might have a fear about having to upgrade to the digital space.

And they start to look the reason behind what I am trying to help them thinking about.

They are almost tempted to join me to become a better self of themselves.

And I repeat SASH  an another follow up sequence.!!!

The World is changing fast, and hence the SASH stories.

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