50% of your goals fail 50% of the time.

If not, you are not aiming at sufficiently high enough.

If the Atmanirbhar Bharat wants 1 Crore young people to have their enterprise setup, as independent business units, then as a facilitator and  mentor, and even as a financer, I am looking at 50 lakh people are failing half the time.

What kind of a number is that?  What planning we do?


If every enterprise requires 10 Mn Rupees,  50 lakh of the enterprises are losing 10 Mn rupees each half the time.


That, kind of translates to 50 lakh billion dollar to go bad  half the time.

Can it be resolved?

Since it is only half the time it goes bad, it will bounce back to normal.

What is the mechanism that we are looking at? 

Is it not learning from a bad experience and double the money in the next cycle?

If yes,  this investment needs to be there, and it has to revolve in the market so as to help more and more entrepreneurs following the thread.

If you look at the most successful business, it is just few billion dollar (Jeff Bezos is just 100 odd billion dollars).  So is it realistic to look at lakh billion dollars?

Yes, one single person is at the top, is not the person who is helping the global economy. It is the collective enterprising souls those are contributing to it.

Should we not do well to have an interdependent businesses that is part of global economy and can be called ‘social business’  which understands the importance of survival and backs up the 50% failures 50% of time?

Note :  A significant part of my experience comes from Bandhavgargh

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