For all the support that you have been giving which convinces me that I indeed knew nothing about what more I can do.


I am not yet a celebrity.

I have just taken a step towards myself at myselef 10 years hence.

And it is a ahuge transformation staring at myself,  I am a celebrity because I touch your lives meaningfully.

And what do I say to my present day self from that poisition?

You are well on your way, darling!

And I am proud of the fact  that I have taken that first step towards looking at things differently.

As RUMI said, that it is not the ‘action’ but the ‘peace’ of being in awaiting for the Universe to unfold is the trick for miracles to take place.

Feels so good.

What are the tools to transform?

Oh, there are tons of those.  Follow any whichever you like.

As I said,  ‘I love you’.

You know, I wouldn’t have allowed myself to believe that I have taken the first step without you emphasizing the fact that it is indeed is adding value to your life, and the trust you have bestowed on me, without saying it.


I Love you.

I know it is not the restlessness that is going to bear me fruit, it is the effortless rhythm of life that is going to bring me the bedazzled moments!!!!!

Note : A significant part of my experience comes from Bandhavgargh

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