I can achieve my dream to impact one billion lives.

Sounds like daydream.  I don’t care.

That is what I told the Universe.

It just takes 27 people to achieve that dream, who are earning a lakh per month!

Or heading towards that income. Its not at all a big deal.

 Well.   Sounds pretty easy.

She is a ‘Rehana’, a mother of two children.

I came across Rosalin who is a 72 year old painter, who treats herself as ‘lifetime’  occurrence in the Universe.

And Riya has just started.

Irfan, is the blue eyed boy with his feet firmly on the ground.

Strangely,  Vinit at 50, sounds so very much the same as Irfan.  And so is, ‘Victor’.

I have them as my friends.    

I have 324 of them every month added to my team. 

The ‘Alpha’ team.

We are on a Mission!!!!!!!!

I just need 3 of them from India!  But they have to be like

It is quite a fun!

If you want to get into the team do please click the link below:


Note : My experience comes from Bandhavgarh

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