I have just started learning about a proper copy!

Coming across lot many types of copy!;

 I am trying to do a sales copy;

Long copy,   that too in a landing page,…

In fact it is a flagship framework.  

I start with some kind of self-assigned homework,

And creating a lot of  confusion for myself.



And it is very important for me to be in those calls,  to catch the subtle wisdom being passed on by Mentor

 So right now  I am doing a sales page.

What I have so far done is, trying to put my own story,   and then a brief about my course (then realise  brief of a course is necessary, and also to describe the modules, then the one time offers,  the bonuses,,)… 

And it became very long , which is why I am thinking to disaggregate…     one item one time…     

‘item’ n ‘time’  same letters  with different compositions WOW!!

I want to be confused..     for now,  so that I pick up faster…    

As it is, I always kind of disgust my mentor, with such confusion!!!

His expression says, ‘why the hell she can’t get these simple things’??

Now,  I cant help that, my brain being my brain.

So that one sales page will now be 4 sales page…   or… what?   Besides my first LP, of course.. 

One thing for sure,  I am learning to become a proper  coach with the exercise of writing all these copies…    

I had started with WORD, now I put them into LP..   

My LP looks more impressive than the structure in a WORD document !!

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