Proven tricks for living happily ever after!

I have observed as to what has worked in my life. The recipe is as follows:

My friend was unusually apprehensive of the bank transfer happening since last few days because of some transactions.  During our prayer meetings, she said she let go of her apprehensions, but she does not seem to be.  So I prayed for her. I forgave her, as she was cribbing about my transaction to her this time.  I see her getting richer.  She would look magnificent with this opportunity falling on her lap at the correct moment.

It is not always what we do as a result of which we reap something. The miracle of my story getting accepted at Agape international on its 34th birthday, was never anticipated, neither there was any preparation.  This is a huge blessing as I have been a fan of Reverend Michaël Beckwith who had done a virtual visit as a result of my prayer.   What I am talking is very abstract, but my experience is still fresh, and I know what it means when connected at abstract level.     This brings the endless hope for further blessings due in life.  What a feeling.

The milestones which did not have any possibility 10 years back are now very real. I just received a superhigh appreciation from my super-mentor, who is a world class finance person.  I didn’t have access to anywhere around his office that time; let alone getting to know him in the crowd of 10,000 employees those were there.  I was never nominated for a chairman’s award.   But what I received was beyond any accolade, sheer dazzling words about who I am.     Could I have planned this ever?

My friend has been going through a personal upheaval in her life which is the exact time when she received a call for an assignment which would bring her recognition even if she becomes half successful going forward.  The opportunity presents her with an un-treaded path.  She has no idea about it.  For her it is a difficult choice. Lets see what choice she takes.  But here is an opportunity presented by life,….

Note : A significant part of my experience comes from Bandhavgargh

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