I was told I was average.

I believed that for the better part of my life.

Even when I was the topper.

Even when I was leading from the front.

I am out there doing many things right.

Waiting for success to happen.

That again has started to give me low emotions. I might be learning things still.

May be escaping from something.

Avoiding a critical learning.

May be.

But I didn’t stop from the slugging.

The 20 things in my to do  list is regularly ticked.

 Just that I am yet to sign up dream clients in more numbers.

So waiting.

When I saw this message, I saw the hint.

It’s a hint from the Universe.


The ‘average’ can have the volume.

To turn the tide in his favor.

No big deal.


It’s just one click away.

To bring luck my way.

Of course it is.

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