I just posted this in a thread in the group but it is worth giving it a post of it’s own:

Folks, don’t fall into the ‘victim trap’ of blaming IOS14 for everything. IOS14.4 has just rolled out and the full impact will not be known for months. The ATT (App Tracking Transparency) element of IOS14 will not roll out until IOS14.5. This is coming in the next months.

You may see problems in the numbers due to the default 7 day attribution and/or the reporting lag that is now happening in many accounts. You can also expect in the coming months a less of an ability to rely on ROAS numbers.

Either way, don’t be like ‘normal’ marketers and blame ALL poor performance on IOS14 rather than anything they have done (or not done). The core principles of marketing still (and always will) stand. You need a great product and a great offer and a great set up.

So often when I review accounts, the start of the call is the account owner telling me that the problem is with FB. Then I review the account and see the problem is either their product, their offer or their set up. These are all in our control and nothing to do with IOS14.

Changes and challenges are part of Digital Marketing. Lets be in the top 1% of digital marketers. Resist the temptation to blame everything on IOS14. Sure it will bring challenges but IOS14 is not a ‘catch all’ for all problems. We are all better marketers than that my friends.  

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