As Zig Ziglar said, “How can you hit a target you don’t even have?

So that is how I started describing Rehana.

She is 22-43 years of age. 

Rehana is fairly simple in her attire but she loves colors.    She observes a lot and listens more.  She often has both sides of the story.

  1. It always establishes her trust on people, and she commands their confidence on his. As a person, she loves short and to the point conversations.
  2.  She often wonders as to why she is pushed to the background and is asked to support rather  than lead
  3. Why is she not acknowledged for her progressive ideas when she offers those, which takes people to realise at least a year?

Why hasn’t she been given the salary raise she deserves?   Is it lack of negotiating skill in her, or is the universe has a greater goal set for her?

She always does the preparatory work required for a great launch;  but is that what she loves doing endlessly?  Is it not which is keeping her at a supporting position throughout?

Often she has self doubt:  Is she confident enough to lead?   What is keeping her from going all out?

Will she do good with an enterprise that constantly provides income opportunities while learning?

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