Everybody is talking about ‘Team’ and ‘Tribes’.

It is a supercool antidote to digital crisis, everybody knows.

It is a super-efficient way to educate and empower people.


Can one sustain the momentum of engagement if it is a group of even 100 people?

Without BOTs, that is!

One might lose clients if there is a too heavy BOT interaction.

I ignored my super mentor’s messages for quite a long time because I thought it is his BOT-reaction!!(●’◡’●)    

So it takes effort, right?


What is there in it for you?

For me, for that matter?

Have you thought about a HUGE DREAM having a billion dollar enterprise?

Unless you do a ‘Brunson Act’,  it will require a huge disruption.

If you do it all by yourself, that is.

A million  people should buy a product with complete trust which should have no competition.

Instead, one can have just 3 people from one country with a lakh INR income per month.

From 139 countries and within 10 years.

My ‘Billion dollar enterprise’ is formulated that way. 

It is a chain effort, non-stop. 

One can not stop once activated.

Become the part of this movement, I would say. 😂😂😂

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