It is at least 5 years of work already after the university on an average.

The  wide eyed excitement at getting on with life at 25, as described in ‘The Strangest secret ‘, has just begun to appear normal, nothing something look forward to.

Then what happens?

Why the accounting person so difficult?

Why the junior in the other department cracks a joke while you are around?  And it felt to be indecent.

Now, tell me if these things are happening when you are 30 years old, or later?

My point here is : to explore whether one is still teachable at this point of time. This is the precise age when one starts feeling the need of another skill/degree/qualification.

Is he/she teachable?


Rectangle: Rounded Corners: Ω     your performance tracker doesn’t show a tick on ‘gaining a new skill’, which is why the frustration happening in the first place.

Perhaps you have been escaping that

Rectangle: Rounded Corners: Ω      The second thing is you have not written a feeler page in your journal since last few month. 

          You have been avoiding jotting down in your journal

Rectangle: Rounded Corners: Ω      And instead, the party time has increased.   Socializing too.

Perhaps you do not find learning to be easy anymore.

Did you try to learn something from a colleague?

How easy or difficult has that been?

Note : A significant part of my experience comes from Bandhavgargh

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