The job never felt like a lifetime choice. It felt like a stoppage before I head towards my destiny.

● 𝗛𝗲𝗿𝗲 is why ‼🧐⤵️

                I wanted to see everybody full of joy and laughter.

That meant worry-less people unconcerned of  the hearth.

Wanted to share very abstract concepts that hit me like lightening and disappear.

Maslow’s 3rd level qualifiers can think of that.

Huge number of innovations which I never thought to handle myself.

Visionary and capable people to delegate those responsibilities.

At first, I thought it will be a small village – my Ashram.

Then I realised that I was not an Activist, I am an influencer.

The globe is my workplace.

● So I stuck to a job ‼  😪

The major gain at workplace are, experience, salary and friendships.

Time becomes the loss factor.

And also, there is learning in situations good or bad.

We grow up through figuring out the achievements & gifts.

● Job is important if you are struggling to establish! 💯

Without that security of a monthly pay out, u r likely to fail.

But one needs to learn proportionate to the time spent.

Count your blessings.  Make case studies of each smile given.

Moments of reflection promise exponential possibilities,

Note : A significant part of my experience comes from Bandhavgargh

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