Why I am doing what I am doing?

That is the statement of my mentor.

We don’t have to think over that because he has smoothened the path for that round.

He was the first generation coach here, and had to withstand the initial rough.

As his student, we are thinking of creating the product and selling and scaling up.

As simple as that, it has become.

As the products is being fine-tuned,  the tone of pitching is being rehearsed.

It is not selling.

It was never ‘selling’, out here in this space.

As I was looking for the dream clients,  I saw lot of pain.

The biggest problem is the inability to see the solution.

So how will they recognise the solution being pitched?

This took me to the very basic stage.

I had to give away the solution, before I make the sale.

So how to sell at all?

Actually,  that is not any of our business.

The message that I intercept is loud and clear:   just get the client healed first!

SERVICE FIRST, as they say.   Here is the realization!

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