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Vishen Lakhiani announced that he wants a 2 billion audience, even more than that of Linkedin.

And he said he didn’t bother how.

The action point he has decided is that he is designing an App.

Use of technology.   Good point.

What else?

Apparently, he has not decided.

But he has been confident because his visualization has helped him so far.

Because he has accessed inspiration on demand.

When my newly created course did not find enough buyers,  I was puzzled a little.  I have been guided to this point by my intuition, definitely.

For success, for sure.

Why was I experiencing failure?

Oh, wow. That is when I was stopped from within.

Napoleon Hills’s strangest secret says that the subconscious programming is helped by

It has to be a progressive realization of one worthy goal, however.

It is one of those moments when one hits with the greatest wisdom like it hits lightening.

The pain point was to reach 1 billion lives in 139 countries to show them a road map of prosperity.  And the digital coaching system that I have devised is the quickest way towards it.

When one is looking for information, one does not bother about the tethered notebook and clumsiness of the website, right?

The simplest video can show you the path.

Will my intention be able to open a road map without me getting sophisticated on design?

I wrote it down. That is where I am focussed at the moment.  If I reach out to people, I will get the numbers who will get inspired to practice with the course.

Yesterday evening I was invited into a global group to be a member.

I spoke to an international platform.

And I suddenly realized that I was more than halfway into my mission. Just in a matter of 8 hours.

Isnt that the strangest of secrets

Note : A significant part of my experience comes from Bandhavgargh

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