Resourcefulness is a combination of drive, passion, analytic ability, decision making, perseverance, resilience, and energy that, when applied, snatches success out of the jaws of defeat. Resourcefulness is figuring out how to get over, around, or through barriers to success, and then doing it.

It has nothing to do with educational qualifications and skills.  It comes from within. And has to do with Mindset.

It is about self, people, dream and Passion.  

We help to bring little shifts in Attitude, Habit, Action and Perception to go about achieving the  big goal. 

There is an online course around this with which anybody can trigger their resourceful mindset.

Everybody is born unique. So it is the Unique Selling proposition (USP) that can be ‘Aligned with the Requirement’  which comes under the segment of “Self”.

  All the skills, qualifications and competencies can be ‘Redesigned’  to make the most of the past experiences getting molded according to the present requirement in the perspective of Leadership Growth.  This comes under “People” Segment.

These are to be then applied to everyday’s life at home and the community or any circle to start influencing people with  a ‘growth mindset’  which with a road map.    This is under the ‘Dream’ Segment.

Resourcefulness is a mindset of entrepreneurs. Sooner or later, the practitioner transitions into floating an enterprise with 6 evident values of Joy, Dignity, Self Reliance, Wealth, Tranquility and Compassion. 

Hope you enjoy it.

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