🥫 A simple observation of every reaction helps to be focussed in the present moment.

🥫 It starts with a prayer, whoever God, or the highest self. Whom you can trust with a problem solving…it seems crazy, but that’s what I do for myself with great result

🥫The moment it is transferred to a greater self, it un-burdens self. It releases the energy to be used again.

🥫 Letting go happens. It is not dismissing the problem. It is detaching the self from its past n future effects.

🥫 I have 5 of greatest souls as my mastermind. It is mind talk actually. Trying to listen to what they are saying. A mastermind of 10 minutes is in a way focusing or meditating you may say.. That is enough to sustain for 10 hours at the least. Very effective

🥫What result do we expect? Pinpoint on that. Let’s list out 5 outcomes we want. In fact, one outcome we want in 5 ways. No? Just look at it closely. There is no restriction whether you want 5 or 500 outcomes….but taking the mind on a tour around those expected outcomes while telling the higher self to take care, in a specific manner, and then being done with it……….the process helps.

So that is what I call to be a prayer. Or types of prayers,may be.Whichever suits you 😂😂😂😂

May be an image of text that says "Good morning The first ever cordless phone was created by God. He named it "prayer" It never loses its signal and you never have to recharge it. Use it anywhere. www.BetEnglinbQuotesqu.com"

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