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Note : This is has reference to Sidz Rajsekar’s podcast.  And this is  part of the podcast of the same name as well.

I am paying homage to all my teachers here. 

Would we ever be capable enough to bring another Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan to be the first citizen of the country?

🎈 Aligning my ability with requirement

Ms. Shanta was my geography teacher.   I know the timely Benguela Current helps the right kind of Monsoon because she helped me learn it, saying that the World is interconnected and so are we, each of us.

She didn’t like me describing the entire thing in minute detail. If it is a question carrying 4 marks, then she wanted it to be max 6 lines;  which meant that the Benguela Current has to take its entire journey in 6 lines inclusive of the ‘Warm Blanket of Europe” as well as the ‘Plankton creation at Newfoundland’.

Do whatever you like. Be concise. She gave me 49 out of 50 in the prequalifying exam to the board.  The 1 mark that she deducted because it was 7 sentences in one of the answers.

I scored the same in the Board exam too. She was so very accurate, to the point, and full of inner strength.   Her daughter was my classmate, and I do not remember she scoring ahead of me ever!!!    She commanded my respect to the core….

She passed away in Dec 2020.

What a great gift she gave me with those challenges she posed at me!!!

I still remember her style and the details she taught me speaks volumes of how she portrayed the globe in my mind…………….

Is that less than any proficient marketer?

🎈 Redesigning the Competencies

Had an abusive marriage after some years. While I was in it, I was hugely disturbed.

My father always advised me to keep calm and act according to whatever I thought was appropriate.

He didn’t support the idea of breaking away from the marriage which made me into a rebel. When I ultimately broke free, I had to forgive the man and let go of the past also. I walked away not as an aggrieved person, but one with more conviction, forgiveness and as a person-being-in terms with the circumstances.

My personal life still gets counted even in the professional front. I have observed that my rare aggressions are perceived as one quality which rocked my personal life, and I get a hint of them being scared that I might be taking things to the breaking point.

Being reactive has several negatives. 

🍕 Losing the argument straightaway

🍕 Not being dependable when it comes to people management

🍕 Chances of Leadership growth is compromised

🍕 It is a sure indicator of lack of resourcefulness, let alone influencing with it….

🍕 And many more…


Follow the teaching, even if you do not see eye to eye with your teacher!

I have repurposed my anger by making it a cocktail with calmness and it has become a heady mix of resilience now; persistence on the other and I now am known to be a consistent performer…

Hats off papa!!

🎈 Road map to influence growth

There will always be an interesting mix of people, teams and environment at workplace.


There are several external factors as well, like Pandemic at present moment, some natural disasters and at other times, external factors like policy change in other countries …

So on and so forth.

How to navigate through the circumstances to keep the organization as a winner?

Well, that is what we do while putting the Business Development Blueprint.

But that again, is designed under normal circumstances.

How to bend the reality with being resourceful, is all that we need to delve deep into.

Who better than the yourself, to become a master, mentor and marketer to put the Plan B in place?

🎈 Transitioning to Passion-prise

Honestly, I don’t see a marketer as an employee, he is a core Entrepreneur. 

Yes, when he knows where his passion is.


So this is a practice under ‘Mindfulness’.🎇And one who does it consistently, is cultivating ‘Resourcefulness’.🎇🎇🎇🎇So enjoy the spring that has just arrived!!With this realization…..😀😀😀😀😀


Leading with Sangeeta

Let’s connect LIVE if you want to learn how to make Resourcefulness help you go global, and create an impact in thousands of lives.

Set the intentions that you will be an amazingly Resourceful person in the next 90 days… and you will.

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