I was speaking to a gentleman who hadn’t taken leave for last 5 months.

🎈I asked if he is enjoying is work. Or feeling stuck?He said he has this feeling of ‘restlessness’.

🎈 Was he able to delegate his work?’No’ he said.”Why’ I asked.He hesitated.”Is the manpower inadequate?” I asked because many companies have downsized their teams.”No”, he replied. “Not quite able to place the reason”. He muttered.

🎈 I spoke about his strength. The Fish underwater and the elephant on land.Was he dealing with something which was not his proficiency area?Obviously he hadnt analyze from that perspective.

🎈 So many of us do not segregate tasks according to its merit. We do no planning before executing it.We spend more time than required. Because we just manage things.We do not enjoy.

🎈 80% of the work should have been around his strength. 20% may miscellaneous.But in reality it is the other way round.

🎈 He said that I was dissecting things to the core.And indeed it will surprise many. And they would not talk about it.Because it will expose them to themselves.
May be, it will also require them to take action, which is very hard because they need to come round from the ‘victim’ stage to the ‘Responsible’ stage.

Even after 30 minutes he could not bring himself to talk about it. I asked a last question if it was something personal.He could not even reply to that at that moment. I do not yet know, but not able to prioritize work also aggravates personal life.. To know more, do please register for the free webinar at the following linkclarionn.greenbandhvagarh.in/sangeeta-s-webinar
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