The basis of putting up with workplace hostility is to counter them, for the reverse Engineering process with regard to Leadership Growth.”Lead to Succeed” is in fact leading irrespective of the designation or position acquired so far.It is to put this gear on when you are actually feeling stuck, frustrated, restless, not able to decide the way forward.To know more about this of course you can download my e-book here (

The hostile colleague is 

🎈 A fresher from a premium institution and carries lot of vanity

🎈A person with experience with a bad attitude

🎈A person with similar rank with a different profile.. in a supportive profile

Why is he insecure?


🎈you should know that this is a mis-perception.

🎈Know it. Remember it. So that you will act at a superior level.

Why is it important?

🎈For the peace of mind

🎈For better workplace output

🎈To turn him as an ally 

🎈Healthy workplace environment

What is the bigger goal here?My mission is to create super performing global players to mainstream the deprived segment so that they can get an opportunity to particiapte in development and growth.That requires lot of strength of mind, and to be a notch higher than the rest.

So at workplace, you can follow the four ways with 

🎇 Be a support

🎇 Dont establish friendship before it is established. No artificiality please🎇 Look for one thing that you can learn from the fellow

🎇 Take your focus to something constructive whenever you feel disturbed This is a very unconventional perception.  But yes, I expect the Super performing Global Players to be different.



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