The inhuman boss can create mood swings, make verbal put downs, and may yell or scream frequently.

The effected employee can sustain cardio-vascular disease or Post-traumatic stress disorder .

He is usually a micro-manager.

Here you can find the 7 ways to deal with him:

🎈Make sure he is a bad boss

🎈 Keep a record of what he does or says

🎈 Understand the triggers

🎈Work on the solutions

🎈Take a note of what empowers him

🎈Give a warning that you will report to the HR

🎈Talk to the senior management

🎈 Quit with a simple resignation

Remember to keep cordiality intact as far as possible. People change and in some space after, he can reappear as a friend and a great ally if you have left him uneroded here, right now



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