Even if the problem appears to be big, it can start with a simple solution. It gives the comfort to the affected person that its not huge after all

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Does anybody have any clue as to why people do not look for solutions?

The following has been the characteristic types. But as a mentor, I think the challenge is to formulate a solution through the thick of the chaos.

🎈 One who follows order to the gas chamber. They hold somebody responsible for their situation. VICTIM/BLAME

🎈Doesn’t like change even for finding a solution. FEAR of CHANGE/FAILURE

🎈Acknowleding that there is a problem is really hard. FIND A SYMPTOM, like constant cribbing.

🎈Most cannot see choices beyond old patterns & limitations. Not to blame, we can help them become more responsible, coach into a greater decision space. EMPATHY

🎈 Take away the focus from the problem.

“Emancipate yourself from mental-slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds!”~Bob Marley

🎈Can I figure an eay way out?


🎈GOGGLES SYNDROME : Cognitive bias, staus quo bias, Loss aversion Bias, Risk aversion Bias, after all our job is not that bad.

🎈 Uncomfortable on public forum : are HIGH TICKET CLIENTS

🎈Conflicting belief, change is possible; FORMULATE a CHANGE SOLUTION

🎈 How does it work? What is the next step be? NON FUNCTIONAL ATTITUDE, never attempt a solution

🎈How would they solve ?What would be their process. THEIR SOLUTION

🎈FIXING AT LEAST One problem

🎈They are afraid of JUDGEMENT.

🎈They carry out orders mechanically, just like a SLAVE.


🎈There is a big EGO

🎈subconsciously programmed Automatic behavior. KEEP IT SIMPLE

🎈 They are WHIRLPOOLs with head down

🎈Difficulty in taking responsibility. Tony Robbins says ; people do more to avoid pain then to seek pleasure

🎈Escaping from something deep down.

🎈 Avoid controversy, friction and Wait out.

So.. Don’t you think that they need help? And they need to start somewhere?


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