A perfectionist actually does the work thoroughly.

The problem is of delay.

The gets down to the level of the prepositions(of course important).He is usually headstrong.

He insists on writing ‘few days later’.No matter what, one can not explain that it looks nicer if you can mention ‘A few days later’. The ‘Article’ does a world of good in conveying the comfort level.

But no, if he cant see the point usually.

The deadline also goes for a toss.

The strategy to handle them is :

🎗 Come up with 3 brilliant points (just 3, the more the merrier).

🎗One should be something related to what he had earlier said or discussed.

🎗In the covering email, you give the decision making entirely to him. And mention that these 3 points were burning inside you.

What usually happens is, this triggers his enthusiasm to put more ideas, he actually can give shape to your ideas.And carry through the task without complaining.

The new idea will get the better of the perfectionist inside him.



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