Getting to a leadership position

Everybody is excited about salary raise and being given a bigger responsibility. Unless prepared, it may burn you out. Habits, attitude and decision making are paramount for this.

Recognition at Workplace

Even if you are not a leader or team-lead, you can become a subject matter expertise. In fact, it is the surest of ways to get regular leadership positions going ahead.

Establishing Versatility

Every one starts with at least 2 skills whether identified or not identified. With each year of experience, one new dimension gets added to your skills. At the beginning of the career, or for the first few years of your career, you should go horizontal into various positions to learn different skills. Ultimately, these need to be integrated to create your unique identity.

Follow these 7 aspects

Building Credibility

Every attribute takes time to become a specialty. During this time, persistence, consistence, resilience and pro-activeness are established. Your seniors will be watching intently. You are becoming an organizational resource.

Integrating different skillsets

Very diverse skillsets need a narrative to fit into a single profile. It takes some skill for you to integrate those, so that you become the right person to execute a certain role. One-word explains all your experiences, expertise and specialty.

Becoming a better leader

It requires educating, empowering training and building capability in your second and third rank so that they can ultimately grow to take up bigger responsibilities, so that you can delegate more and more while you find newere avenues of business and intervention.

Enjoying your growth

As leader, you get to deal with seniors, peers and juniors. This may lead to conflict, friction, arguments and ambiguity. Ultimately the end result will be a toxic environment. But with some maturity, you can turn this around to be a better place so that you enjoy and celebrate your growth.

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