Unless emotionally consolidated, can somebody lead? The following are the indicators of a strong mind that is fit to lead.

🍟They don’t feel sorry for themselves

They move on. They don’t waste time feeling sorry for themselves. So if you are not mentally strong, can you be resourceful?

🍟They easily embrace change

They welcome challenges.

What is change? Disruption, Innovation, Breakthrus. Can you imagine to have a steep graph to change unless these?

🍟They dont waste time bothering what they couldn’t control

Many circumstances are out of control. Not everybody we can please.

🍟They help others to be happy

Keep motivated, it is not procrastination, find alternative ways to get ahead.

🍟They are kind fair not afraid

when the things come from heart, with genuine concern looking for what can be better.

🍟They elaborate others’ success

That is when the seed their team collaboration.

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