Somebody complimented on being Badass. Lets see what is this all about

We need a combined forces of Power and love to achieve the highest end of human existencešŸ§µ

We dont have to give up anything in spiritualityšŸ§µ

Egolessness is about having personal power about soul and spirit to shake the worldšŸ§µ

Do not diminish yourself by giving up on abundance, riches, wealth and famešŸ§µ

We need forces of love and power both to make the world betteršŸ§µ

Power is being badass while Love is Buddha aspect- so essentially both have to be the both side of a coinšŸ§µ

Give up money blocks by arguing out money blocksšŸ§µ

Unless you master the skill to have all that you desire- you wont have a clue about spirituality

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