How long have you been since you dreamt big?

How many have told you it is an impossible dream?

How frequently you have wondered that it might be a day dream?

According to Vishen Lakhiani, the ‘Mindvalley’ man,  half the goals fail half the time.Why?Because those are seemingly impossible.

Because those are very BIG dreams.

But you know what?Take a closer look.50% of the goals fail half the time. 

Which means those will succeed half the time.Presumably, after it fails for the first 50 days.50 months?50 years?

No no no.It is 50% of time that you have.

It succeeds some way or the other.

Half the time.Recognize to record your success.

Any insight you are able to gain is a success. Agree on that?

Insights make you wise.Agree on that?

So your sense of inadequacy is gone.Agree on that?

That gives you two achievements… 

The dream 

The insight are the ones which have the ability to change lives.Right?

So anything that changes a life worth a business.Very Correct.Hugely Correct.

By the way, what is the mind game?In terms of personal development.It is unfolding of the layers of insights.

Isn’t it?

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