Do you know that negativity wastes a lot of time, rather than the skill to manage time? We can take a mentor to guide us, as to how to do this in no time. It takes lot of self evaluation.

Here is what you would get to know

πŸ’™Take a mentor to be on track

πŸ’™My Blueprint towards leadership growth

πŸ’™ Small seeking wont manifest because you are meant for big things

πŸ’™ Watch Yourself

πŸ’™ Pause for 5 seconds when you are angry

πŸ’™ Agree with their capabilities, others can actually deserve more success than you

πŸ’™ Leverage their skills

πŸ’™ How do you collaborate

πŸ’™ What matching skills do you have?

πŸ’™ How can create an ally

πŸ’™ How can you learn

πŸ’™ Increase the love for them

πŸ’™ Follow the habit for 90 days

πŸ’™ Admire multiple people simultaneously

πŸ’™Observe your perceptions

πŸ’™ Asking yourself to get over negativity

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