Mindful leadership is solving an interesting problem with repeated processes in which to empower people, bring out the potential while arriving at the solution.

What you learn here

🎐 LEadership vs Management

🎐 Responsibility and Authority

🎐 Let’s do vs Let’s go

🎐 Willing to be wrong

🎐 Long meetings are meant to be absolved of responsibility

🎐 People are made ready to take up a task, at schools, not educated

🎐 Responsibility is the hard part: what happens when u do or not do

🎐 Leadership is solving an interesting problem

🎐Management is a system for continued efficiency

🎐 Writing a story without an agenda

🎐 Design is not about getting pretty

🎐 Innovation is talent

🎐Be prepared to get hit

🎐Management tools – fear, shame anger

🎐Management is making us fly too low

🎐 Management can teach us skills, not innovation

🎐 Decisions are processes without a success at first

🎐 Outcome and sunk costs can be owned or disowned – your choice

🎐 Quitting is for winner

🎐 Empathy is knowing, desiring and believing what others don’t yet

🎐 See the possibility to be responsible

🎐 Be Mindful

🎐 People who are like you will join your tribe with the same culture

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