Internal Motivation VS External Motivation as shared by my Super mentor Sidharth Rajsekhar

Internal Motivation vs External Motivation

The moral of the story is that one should have a strong WHY
Struggles are different and everybody is going through it.

But what I do and why I do is very important to me in deciding as to how my life would shape up; along with this struggle that might have come up as an opportunity.

The way I am being treated might be because I am in an inappropriate surrounding from which I need to drive up, and become a person worth of it.

The road I chose for myself has to be with compassion, empathy and comfortable for me in terms my sync with my values. And it can be quite different from anybody else.

I love starting small and remaining consistent with it. The World might be shouting at the mistakes I make, the inappropriateness of my presentation; but someday they will all develop a taste for my style.

I shall wait for it. This is my life. And I will do it in a way I love doing. I will not show anything that is not me. But I shall be careful to appreciate the opinions of others.

My Why is to leave a Legacy; of abundance and appropriateness.

I had some ideas few days back on the subject

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