This Universe helps us greatly when we endeavor to achieve something.

Our desire is a reflection of our uniqueness..and that is the first step towards living the purpose we are born with.

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The second is the consistency that will earn us the credibility.

Nobody can start big, because nobody in the beginning knows where to reach with the efforts,. It is a burning desire for an impossible looking dream we call as VISION.

That is what we can pursue.

And keep consistently on course.knowing more.

What we do, will become unique because we each is a unique personality, born unique.

Once we earn credibility, we can influence.

If we can influence enough, we achieve prominence.At the summit of prominence, we meet people of another level, and the entire journey starts again.

We are evolving species, and it proves.

However,. Each of our journey also becomes different because we come with our own attitude-habit-action-perception.

The same game becomes different because of different rules created by our own value systems That is what we are as human beings….

The only rule to escape complexities is to understand the three secrets of reality check, resilience and reaching beyond…It is really simple,. If you know the ‘why’ about the complexities of life

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